Writer's Block

Have you ever been sitting at your keyboard or your DAW and find that you’ve got nothing? Or that whatever you write sounds like it’s been composed by somebody with zero musical ability? I have, and it’s not fun — especially if you have the pressure of a looming deadline!

I was recently talking to my mentor about my approach to developing full orchestrations outside the DAW. For simple arrangements, I’m very comfortable working directly in Logic Pro, but whenever I want to craft something more intricate, I prefer to do my writing in MuseScore, then play the parts into Logic once the complete orchestration is ready.

as we spoke about this approach, my mentor asked if I’d be willing to do a YouTube Live session with him to walk people through my workflow. Here’s that video:


John Landells

Musician/Composer/Producer, RYA Powerboat Instructor, IT Professional at SnapLogic, Christian and Husband

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